On the Move

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Now that we've lived here about a month and a half, I think I can talk about the move without hysterically laugh-crying about how awful it was. Just kidding, it wasn't thaaat bad but a few things, maybe a little more than a few things, went wrong along the way. This was only our first move, so we're sure to have better luck with the ones to come, right? I hope so, because we have years of moves ahead of us!

Did you know that when you're towing something you can only go 55mph? Which makes for an extra long drive when Google maps tells you it'll only take 10 hours to get to Park City, UT when the speed limit is actually 75mph. Google maps, so silly, try 16 hours when you're driving a U-Haul.

Did you know that when you rent a tow dolly from U-Haul they don't actually tell you how to put your car on it and strap it in correctly so you'll have to look up directions on Youtube? We didn't, so when we went to put my car on the dolly we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. We finally got it all strapped in and ready to go the night before our move. I was paranoid the entire time because what is supposed to hold your car down are these seatbelt looking straps that don't exactly seem secure. I think I checked our shadow to see if the car was there while on the road about 5,000 times. When we finally got the keys to our house, Steve asked me if I wanted to know a secret. He then told me that when we made our first stop in Vegas, he went to check the car and the straps for the wheels were completely off. He didn't tell me any sooner because he knew I'd flip out and insist that I drive the car instead of towing it the entire way there...which I totally would have.

Did you know that there is virtually zero cell service in the entire southern part of Wyoming? We drove to my aunt's house in Park City to visit for a few days on our trip (the best rest stop ever) so we took I-80 through Wyoming to get to Colorado, because the roads are flat and they're easier to drive a giant U-Haul on than the winding mountain roads. We were about 4 hours in on the second leg of our drive when a tire on our dolly blew. While trying to contact roadside assistance, the call dropped about 6 times and Steve almost got bit by a rattlesnake. We waited almost 2 hours for the maintenance man to arrive with the spare because we were quite literally in the middle of nowhere.

Did you know that some apartment complexes close at 5pm on Saturdays and don't open again until Monday morning, so if you don't get to the complex by 5pm to get your key and sign the papers then you're stuck in a hotel until 8am Monday morning with a giant U-Haul fee for returning the truck late? It's true I tell ya. But praise the lord that it didn't happen to us! This was the one thing that we needed to go right for us and it did! We were so lucky. After the tire popped in Wyoming, we had less than 6 hours to get to Colorado Springs. We left at 5am from Park City to make sure that we'd have enough time to get there and with the tire popping, we're sure glad that we did. After our knight in shining jumpsuit switched out the tire, we weren't able to stop once until we were in the parking lot of our complex. We arrived at 4:52pm, I kid you not. We got stuck in traffic and Steve was checking Google Maps for updates every other minute while I screamed. Who wants to ride with us next time?!

Did you know that even when you pay movers to help you unload your U-Haul sometimes they don't show up? Ahhh, now you do. We finally arrived, got the keys and were ready to get our stuff in the house as soon as possible. Steve called the movers, who said they had to finish up with something then they'd be on the way. We started unloading the truck while waiting for them to expidite the process. When they didn't show up an hour and a half later, we decided we would just move the rest of it by ourselves. If you ever want to laugh, watch Steve and I carry a mattress, a dining table and a giant headboard up two flights of stairs. While carrying the mattress, my hands slipped causing the mattress to fall on top of my face which caused me to cry about not knowing anyone in this state and being alone while Steve went to work. We finally finished unloading everything and went straight to dinner without opening a box.

Did you know it's really, really fun to live with your best friend? The move sucked, but living here with Steve has been nothing but great. My favorite part was, of course, picking out all our furniture and organizing and decorating. We both finally feel like the place is home now and we're so so so excited about all of the visitors coming the next few months! Look for a little tour of our house on the blog soon!

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  1. Haley, this cracked me up! What a terrible move, but your words of wisdom are amazing.