Charming Charleston

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We had planned to go Europe after our honeymoon by taking Space Available. The Joint Air Force Base in Charleston is in a great location, right next to the international airport and in the middle of one of the most charming cities in the south. We hadn't planned on staying in Charleston at all, but knew that if something didn't work out (laughing looking back now), at least we had a pretty city to check out while waiting.

We flew into Charleston early in the morning, after our canceled flight the night before, and headed straight to the base so that Steven could register me as his spouse. Receiving our marriage certificate to do so was pretty much a nightmare and a super boring story to tell, so I'll just say the certificate took over three weeks to be completed and we didn't have it in our hands until the morning that we were leaving St. John for Charleston. 

After getting my ID and checking into the terminal on base, we had about three hours to get our ish together before we left the country. We needed toiletries, prescriptions, food for the plane, converters, all that good stuff that you probably should get a few days, even weeks, before you go out of the country. We took a taxi because we didn't have a car and rolled our giant suitcases everywhere we went. I wish ya'll could've seen the faces we got rolling them around the grocery store. 

As it turns out, we were unlucky with our endeavor to get to Europe. Usually, the issue with Space Available is getting on the plane due to lack of space. We were on the plane three times and each time there was an unfortunate technicality that prevented us from ever leaving the flight line...reassignments, weather and weight issues, and my personal favorite of the staff forgetting to assign someone to clear us through customs on the other side...ugh right? After trying to get on a plane for about 5 days, we cut our losses and booked a trip to New York! 

We were at first a little bitter about our stall in and then change of plans, but we decided to get rid of our negative attitudes and appreciate the dreamy southern town we had right in front of us. And we're sure glad we did because Downtown Charleston was full of charming bed & breakfasts, historic architecture, trendy eateries, flourishing gardens, and rich tradition!

The almost cheapest flight to Europe ever... a whole $0
Our third go-around in a C-17
We danced to Tupelo Honey for our first dance so we had to taste this one

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  1. Makes me want to visit that darling town ����